New Jersey Photography Forum | DAG




is a photographic-arts discussion group with a mission to further the understanding and application of digital imaging, manipulation, printing, and publishing technologies.


This special-interest group meets monthly to discuss topics of mutual interest, to share experiences and best practices, to exhibit and critique images, and to further the understanding of digital photographic techniques among its members.

Our meetings are informal. Some are round table discussions, while others have a theme for discussion.

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Membership in the NJ Digital Arts Group is open to anyone interested   in digital photography in its broadest definition. Workers at all levels of proficiency are welcome, but the group concentrates on topics of interest  to those with intermediate to advanced experience. There are no annual dues, but a small fee will be collected at each meeting you attend. You are considered to be a member if you attend a reasonable number of meetings each year.                  

For additional information please contact Nancy Ori, Director at 908-790-8820 or or Ann Merten at                              

If anyone wants to be placed on the special DAG email reminder list - please send your name and address to Tom Judd

Upcoming Meeting Dates: August 22, September 27, October 24, November 14, & December 6


DAG (Digital Arts Group)                                                                

Meetings are held at the Visual Arts Center of NJ, 68 Elm Street,  Summit, NJ 07901.               

Meetings start at 7 pm