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The word that comes up most often when people view my photographs is “quiet.” That’s because photography, for me, is meditation - it quiets my mind. I enjoy reading about and participating in the art of “contemplative photography” and have attended retreats which have only furthered my natural inclination toward peaceful settings.

While others are shooting party and street scenes, I find the party hat on the pavement afterwards. While some shoot the busy restaurant, I like the messed napkin, the empty champagne glass - signifying the satisfaction of a full evening put to bed. My boats are usually in the harbor, or tied in for the night. Even shooting craftsmen, I am drawn to the wood shavings on the floor, or the paint brushes on the soak. The series shared here embodies that approach, showing the lunch break; the staff table; Monet’s garden weeds, the cathedral light. I hope it conveys a brief moment of peace.

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Beautiful Waste


Bike Convention

Cast Iron Bed

Cathedral Light

Foggy Harbor

Goddess in Snow

Hotel Evening

Island Wash

Lunch Break

Moonlit Cottage

Morning News

Painted Transom


Shipwright's Cottage

Staff Table