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I began my artistic career in the areas of photography and painting. Eventually, I found myself combining the photographic images, or parts of them, with painted and drawn images, that were realistic, abstract, or expressionistic.

Although I enjoyed and revered straight photography, using mixed media techniques and concepts became a way for me to work spontaneously and intuitively, without the restrictions of a specific artistic destination. Therefore, it seemed a logical choice for me to begin using this approach with my digital photographs and images.

Each finished photographic image, or photo-composite, results from an improvised stream of actions and reactions applied to singular, or multiple images of personal interest to me. The combination of images, textures, colors and layers unify to complete the process and provide the viewer with a visual narrative for the finished work.

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Three Muses

Dinosaurs In Her Basement

The Freak Within

Shiver Me Timberz

Setting Sun

Meeting Place

Civil War

Links, Slats and Circles



Green Eyes


Portrait Of A Woman