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“From the Garden“ is an ongoing series of more than 100 black and white images of plants found in the Cromwell Hill neighborhood of Morristown. Most of the plants are cultivated but a few weeds have managed to creep in.

These images are constructed on a flatbed scanner, which combines very high resolution with limited depth of field. Post-processing involves conversion of the scan to a digital negative, where the dark areas switch to light and vice-versa.

I started with digital photography soon after desktop scanners became available. The scanner was my first digital camera. The capabilities of this high-resolution tool heightened my interest in close-up and abstract images. The scanner has been supplemented with digital cameras and Photoshop 4.0 has given way to CS6 but delight in the possibilities of the flatbed continue.

More of my work can be seen at http:/​/​www.​branchimages.​net or write me at [email protected]