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Your exhibition is very impressive. Your curatorship is impeccable. Your crew installing the exhibition was wonderful. I am so very pleased and honored that we were able to host you and your organization in our Gallery.

Thank you so much for bringing together such an exemplary and visually compelling exhibition. Your exhibition is very much in-line with the mission and vision we have for our Gallery at CMM- bringing in regional groups and artists and celebrating them, showcasing the Arts and significant artists in Northern New Jersey. I congratulate you and the New Jersey Photography Forum on a truly outstanding and successful exhibition.

Best, Clay Allen - Art and Design Department Chair and Visual Arts Program Chair - County College of Morris.

Triboro Bridge

Bear Mountain

9-11 Lights







Manhattan Life

Subway Culture

Brassia Rex Waiomao Spotless Orchid_

Brassolaelio-cattleya Golden Tang Orchid

Habenaria medusa Orchid


Portrait of a Woman


Bountiful Harvest

Farmer's Platter

Oranges & Pitcher