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As a photographer I attempt to record the details in the world that most are too busy to see, to provide a moment of pause and reflection and ultimately, an appreciation of the beauty around us.

Whether I am creating a still life composition or traveling to places that most will never visit, I strive to present an image that the viewer will connect with. It is said that every picture tells a story and while this may be true, it is my hope that each viewer will bring his or her own interpretation to the viewing and in that vein expand upon the story or create an entirely new story that only they may see.

As with most artists I struggle to present a unique view, one that incorporates a piece of my soul and conveys a sense of what I perceive when I view the world around me. My art is an extension of me and as such it is always changing, exploring new options, expanding on my previous experiences. And, I hope, bringing beauty and pleasure to those who view it.

You can contact me via email at: t[email protected]
You can see more of my work on my website


Still Life with Asparagus

Petite Pears

Flower Box

Dried Florals with a Twist

Bountiful Harvest

Pears and Pitcher

Spring Flowers

Falls River 2

Lakeshore Fog_1

Park Bench in the Fog

Mendenhall Glacier

Badlands Sunset

Chilkat River Basin, Haines, AK

Portland Head Lighthouse

Three Trees at Sunrise