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Photography has always been my passion since getting my first 35mm film camera. I am primarily a self-taught photographer with a solid background in film, but now shoot entirely in digital. My interest is in capturing images from unique perspectives, both realistically or abstractly, that grab the attention and imagination of the viewer. My images may be a true representation of the subject as seen through the viewfinder or may be manipulated to better express how I envisioned them. The images in this gallery represent a sample of the diversity of my subject matter. My work has received both national and international awards, shown in fine art galleries, and included in private collections, as well as appearing in numerous magazines, books, and calendars. I offer both framed and unframed archival inkjet prints of my work printed on professional fiber based paper. If you are interested in seeing more of my work or purchasing prints for your collection, please contact me at [email protected]

Boat Dock in Autumn



Fence Shadow

Inner Passage

Japanese Maple

Jungle King


Locomotive Wheels

Lone Magnolia

On Randolph Pond

Passing the Woods

Pink Dahlia

Rodeo Stars

South Haven Light

129 Decomposing