· Image Creation: Entries must originate as real photographs (image-captures of objects via light sensitivity) made by the entrant, acquired and printed from emulsion-based material or digital capture. Alternative process, mixed media, composites, and collage work are welcome from original elements created by the entrant.  Works created using AI software (Artificial Intelligence, such as MidJourney or similar software), or primarily composed of AI-generated components, cannot be included as a part or as a total image in submissions and will not be accepted.

· Alterations: By virtue of submitting an image, the entrant certifies the photograph as their own and not AI generated. Images may be altered, either electronically with software or apps, or by hand with art materials by the entrant. Images may not incorporate elements produced by anyone else (for example: clip art, or art by others downloaded from the Internet). The entrant may use traditional image processing tools (such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Snapseed, Topaz, NIK, etc.) to employ filters, overlays, adjustments, textures, cloning, or other manipulations to enhance or modify their original image, even if the tools use underlying AI technology.

· Framing and Matting: Unless otherwise indicated in the Prospectus, all pieces shall be framed and matted in accordance with NJPF Standards: black frame, white mat, securely wired. Canvas wraps, metal prints or other flush mounted work with black float frames are acceptable. No clip frames. While it is okay to reuse a frame or mat, the photographer must take special care to ensure that there is no visual or structural damage to any area.  For a copy of our illustrated framing guidelines click here.

· Insurance: All pieces should be self-insured, even if the venue also provides insurance (most do not).

· Fees: All shows will have a participation fee (unless otherwise noted) to cover administrative, advertising and reception costs. See prospectus for exact amount.

· Delivery and Pick-up: For every exhibit there will be specific windows of time listed for when pieces are to be dropped off for installation and picked up after the program has ended. If you cannot make a delivery or pick-up date and time you need to make arrangements with someone else to do this for you.