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One of my favorite aspects of photography is the ability to share my travels and experiences. Through my camera I can capture a passing moment or scene I’m drawn to, and try to let others experience the same feeling I had when I pressed the shutter.

I purchased my first 35mm camera as a teenager and quickly decided that photography would be a major part of my life. This led me to a degree in photography and an over 20-year career as a commercial photographer. I have since moved on to pursue other professional interests and now spend my time photographing what speaks to me, rediscovering the excitement I had with my first camera.

You can contact Ralph Greene at 973-650-9432 or [email protected]


Conestoga Falls

Antelope Glow

Horshoe Bend

Alaskan Cabbage

In the Surf

Behind Anthony Road

Folly Pier

Colorful Neighbors

Times Square

Green Shutter

Night Falls on the City

Harpa 2

Fort Sumter

Looking Toward Brooklyn

On The Rocks