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These days have not been without challenges, but our artists were still inspired to step up and submit images to exhibit in this unique format and be patient to see if a real in-person exhibit would be possible. Their patience has been rewarded and we will be moving forward with the in-person exhibit at Watchung Arts Center, NJ for the month of November 2021.

In the meantime, and for those who live too far away, we are offering this virtual exhibit to share the images. The jurors chose 75 pieces by 40 artists to include in the virtual and physical exhibits from hundreds of submissions.

The emotional impact ranged from mysterious and thought provoking, to stunning black and whites and digitally enhanced pieces, to traditional and beautiful color works. There was not only a wide variety of impressions for us to choose from, but artists took advantage of the opportunity to submit a variety of their work in several different themes with the hope of catching the eye of the jurors. It is always difficult to second guess what a juror might choose.Their job, however, is not to choose topics they might prefer, but to choose the best work. Some of the artists who displayed the best creative and technical skills have several pieces in the exhibit to show for their efforts.

I would like to introduce you to the 40 artists and to view their images. I suggest that you click on them one at a time, so you can have enough time to read the title and the artist's name shown below the image and spend a few minutes to really view each image.

We will have a Curator's Conference via Zoom on November 13, 2021 at 1pm, when I will review the exhibit and ask several artists to speak about their work. I hope you can join us.

Nancy Ori, Director of the New Jersey Photography Forum and Curator of this exhibit.
[email protected]

Jubata Grass By The Lake

Day Into Night Lighthouse

Day Into Night On the Edge


Green Leaves Whisper

From the Series Submerged: Freesia Free Falling

From the Series Submerged: Psychedelic Poppy

From the Series Submerged: Repercussions


Sky Runner

Tower Bridge

Georgia's Courtyard

Jersey Crude


Karl Noir

Inside Out

Black and White Reflection

Manhattan Bridge


Oculus Spine