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For me, photography is a way to develop my visual and artistic talents and enjoy the beauty in the World around us. I particularly enjoy discovering and photographing found objects and the wonder of nature in all forms. My goal as a photographer is to produce images that viewers will find satisfying, wish that they themselves had been there to see the scenes and objects with their own eyes, and in some cases, use their imagination to complete the story.

My gallery on this website consists of samples of my art in color and black and white.

You can see more of my work at Contact me by email at [email protected]

Yellow and White Iris

Psychic Crystal Readings

TA Stryker Barn

Two Trees

Little Angel

Forest and Lake in Early Morning

Iceberg Through Glass Window

Dawn at Dragon's Head

Coal Mining Town

Abandoned Church

School Room



Rock Islands in the Sea

Met Life Building, NYC

Valley Forge Arch