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As a photo artist and photographer, I engage in the use of digital technology as part of my daily routine as part of my photographic journey. I utilize the latest technological advances to enhance and improve my images and fine-tune them to my liking.

Expanding my portfolio, which contains an eclectic mix of street photography, abstract images and montages fuels the never-ending search for unusual, compelling and striking images to satisfy my passion for the art of photography.

In a world saturated with visual images, I make certain that my photographs and montages are unique, original and have genuine interest to me. As I look to my environment, I carefully choose subject matter that begs to be photographed, whether serious, mundane, romantic or whimsical. I have become increasingly aware of my surroundings, looking to discover images from everyday and unexpected sources.​

My use of photography, not only in its traditional form, but as a tool to create photo-based artwork has increased dramatically in my quest to create and archive new, original and unusual images in my portfolio.

You are invited to view my eclectic collection of images on my website at: and can email me directly at [email protected]

The World through Ana's Eyes

Love is Original

Almost Tulips


Diametric Fusion



Starboard Plaid

Siren of the Sea


Emergence of Endearment

Midtown Modulation

Glass Block Distortion

Eight to Seven


Sapphire Symphony