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After a fulfilling 20+ year career as a natural products scientist, I turned my attention to the more “right hemisphere” pursuit of photography, emphasizing, capturing, and revealing the uniqueness of anything that catches my attention in the world around me. While “nature up close” is a common theme in my work, I embrace the challenge of capturing grand landscapes and cityscapes in ways that reveal something new to the viewer. Some of my images are close-up views of often overlooked, everyday creatures that share our homes, yards, and parks. Captured in fine detail and rendered in vibrant colors, I aim to make the viewer stop and appreciate the intricacy and beauty of these beautiful tiny creatures and realize our yards can become places for adventurous wandering.

A self-taught, New Jersey-based photographer, I have developed my photography and digital art background with in-person & virtual classes, critiques, workshops, and learning from practical experience and the general photography community. I enjoy learning and experimenting with new approaches and techniques. Artistic challenges, which are opportunities in disguise, inspire me.

To see more of my work, go to my website
lennysfineartphotos.com or Instagram page @lennysfineartphotos.

To contact Lenny about exhibitions or to purchase images, email him at [email protected]

Blue Smoke

Butterfly Milkweed

Damselfly in Distress

Dogwood Flowers

Dragonfly Eyes

Great Egret Snacking


Heron Portrait

Horsing Around

Icy Reflection

My World

Night Heron



Sweat Bee