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"Ever since I was a child, I've been an artist, a photographer. When I go out to create - I like to go on a walk, a hike - a kind of treasure hunt - searching for a possible serendipitous discovery of something that is visually amazing and photograph it. I don't pre-plan my images, instead I plan where I'm going to search for my images. I put myself out there, with eyes wide open, looking for something that catches my attention and that I hope my viewers will enjoy".

Images sampled here were taken, as described above, on various trips out West over the last ten years.

Please contact me at [email protected] and visit more of my work at http://www.ruth-brown.

A Man and His Horse (Petroglyph)

Cactus Mountain

Eastern Collared Lizard

Elk 1

Evening Light

Grand Canyon Sunset

Heart of Stone (Petroglyph)

Laughing Cactus

Lazy Days

Morning Light

Petrified Forest

The Blue Door

The Clearest Water

The Sky Above Me

The Tree & The Storm