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I use my love of photography to explore the world around me and record those experiences to share with others. My unique perspective is shaped by interests as diverse as geology, drag racing, and steampunk.

My work is not limited to specific genres or styles. Instead, I let each experience speak to me in its own way -- and as a result my style is constantly evolving.

Abstracts and Motorsports are my main focus. Other areas that I have covered extensively in the past include documentary, farm life, and musical performance.

Railroad Crossing 53

Thresher in the Sky

Thresher III


Night Wings

Peacock Awk Van Gogh

The Eyes of Marisol

Screamin' Eagle

Pre-Race Prep for Angelle Seeling

Top Sportsman Corvette

Turbo Buick

Wheels Up

Wheels Up II

Well Traveled

Pea Hen

Hangin' at the Baaa-rn