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Art IS in the eye of the beholder, but, hopefully, the vision is in the eye of the artist. As a photographer, abstractionist and visual artist, I try to find the vision or story within the larger picture. Whether it is working to bring out the beauty of an image or manipulating an image into some "new life," I hope to find something that has been missed by others.

In these images I span the full range from reality to imagined worlds. Each is intended to illicit an emotional feeling or memory.

As I am working, many times I feel or sense where a shot is going or what I want to capture, hoping that it will be different from what other photographers and artists see in the same image. At other times, I may not find those subtle messages or differences until I actually start processing the work. Often I have a clear path leading me to the final image I want to bring to the viewer. But, just as often, the image I am working on will lead me down multiple paths, each with a special message or vision and each equally strong. So it is not unusual for me to develop multiple images (which are completely different in style, tone and format) from a single original. As an artist I remain open to all of the possibilities a piece may offer and not feel the need to follow a single track to the final image. I must also be open to new tools and ways of working to create the images that I see in my mind. For me it is a constant exploration of the art, the image and the craft.

To see more works go to: http:/​/​photo.​net/​photos/​harlequin

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Blue Poppy Center 2

Bonsai Square

Red Dogwood 3

Freeform 2

Orange Flame Tulip Back

Snake Charmer

Slipper Back 2

Turbulent Wave2

White Lily Reflected

The Gossips 2

Purple Lily Yellow Center

New Growth

Mill Pond

Light Blue Lily Center

Over the Bridge 5

Curled Calla 2